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Software for dispatching taxi

Software program for driver

Software program for taxi dispatch service- TaxiAdmin.
- rapid and simple receipt of orders
- route laying and price calculation
- automatic nomination of driver for execution of order
- monitoring of transport vehicles
- maintenance of customers base
- accounting
- reports and statistic for managers
- and many other things.


TaxiGpsService is installed on standard GPS navigator and provides for driver a wide range of functions:
- screen display of current orders
- convenient instrument of selection, receipt and processing of orders
- control of location place per sectors
- maintenance of shift statistic
- alarm button to provide security of drivers
- and many other things.

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 GPS monitoring


 VoIP telephony

System of GPS-monitoring of motor vehicles permits to control absolutely all movements of cars in on-line mode, provides access to viewing of various reports and allows easy analysis of data, e.g. about  manner of driving, speed mode and car mileage.


Driver’s program adjustments permit to adjust program interface to any colors of driver’s preference. Quick switch over of day-night mode enables driver to use program at any time of the day.